CODECO In a Nutshell

CODECO stands for Cognitive Decentralized Edge to Cloud Orchestration. It is an open-source software framework pluggable to Kubernetes.

CODECO improves the energy efficiency and robustness of the Edge-Cloud infrastructure (compute, network, data) by improving application deployment and run-time.

CODECO’s vision is based on a cognitive and cross-layer orchestration. It considers as layers the data flow, computation, network. Its focus is on creating a flexible and resource efficient Edge-Cloud infrastructure.


Key Research Contributions:

  • Automated configuration and cognitive edge-cloud management, taking into consideration computational, network, and data observability.
  • Privacy and context-aware decentralized learning. CODECO provides decentralized orchestration across single and multi-cluster environments beyond federated learning approaches.
  • Dynamic scheduling and workload migration. Ensures that applications and their micro-services are supported across the Edge-Cloud continuum with increased automation.
  • Joint orchestration of data. Takes an all-layers approach (network, compute, data resources).
  • Global view of data in the IoT-edge-cloud continuum. Where are datasets stored, what are their characteristics, and what constraints limit data processing and replication? In order to accomplish this, CODECO will collect, manage, and make available metadata to the orchestration engine.

The CODECO Assets

In addition to open-source toolkits, large-scale experiments, training tools, and events, CODECO is developing use-cases across four vertical domains (Smart Cities, Energy, Manufacturing, Smart Buildings), as well as multiple events. A unique Innovation and Research Community Engagement Programme targets developers, SMEs, and research communities:

  • Open, cognitive toolkits and smart Apps, integrating the elastic and advanced concepts to manage, in a smart and flexible way, containerized applications across Edge and Cloud (dynamic cluster and multi-cluster environment).
  • A developer-oriented Eclipse open-source software repository, to be available in an early stage of the project, thus allowing for early exploitation of initial, advanced results and a better adaptation throughout the project lifetime.
  • Training tools and events, to support the development of services based on the CODECO framework.
  • 6 Use-cases across 4 domains (Smart Cities, Energy, Manufacturing, Smart Buildings), to be deployed in operational environments.
  • An Innovation and Research Community Engagement Programme, with awards and multiple community events, based on the different use-cases and including different CODECO stakeholders.
  • CODECO framework integration into the large-scale EdgeNet experimental infrastructure, to assist in the building of experimentation and novel concepts by the research community.