Title: Flexible and Adaptive Edge to Cloud Orchestration: The CODECO Data-Compute-Network Approach

When: 18.01.2024

Where: Co-located with HIPEAC 2024, SCC Munich

Registration: via the HIPEAC 2024 registration.

Contact the organizers: he-codeco-com at lists.fortiss.org

This workshop is organized by the HE CODECO project, aiming at creating awareness to novel concepts under development as basis for a flexible and decentralized Edge-Cloud orchestration. During the workshop, participants shall be able to get acquainted with the latest evolution on Edge-Cloud continuum; the CODECO data-compute-network; interact with a rich academic and industrial community.

The workshop will provide:

  • An overview concerning challenges and opportunities across the Edge-Cloud continuum.
  • Presentations by industrial and academic on the most recent developments supporting a data-network-compute approach for Edge-Cloud orchestration.
  • Hands-on sessions on the Eclipse CODECO open-source code, being developed in CODECO.

The first CODECO industrial workshop is directed to the research community, to early developers, network operators, access and service providers, Internet stakeholders willing to get in touch with innovative use-cases, and the possibility to test-case the CODECO open-source software.


Time (CET)Session
8:15-9:45Plenary session with keynote (main conference)
10:00-10.10Welcome and worshop overview, Rute C. Sofia, fortiss
10.10-10.30The CODECO project, Rute. C. Sofia, fortiss
Overview on the project, goals, assets, and engagement possibilities
10.30-11.00Keynote speech
11:30-13:00CODECO and its components: hands-on session
Josh Salomon, RedHat
Luis Erice-Garcia, IBM, Switzlerland
Harald Müller, Siemens AG, Germany
Rikallah Touma, I2CAT, Spain
Luis Contreras-Murillo, Telefonica, Spain
Vasileios Theodorou, Intracom-Telecom, Greece
13:00-14:00Lunch Break
14:00-15:30Selected CODECO use-cases
15:30-16:00Coffee Break
16.00-17:00Panel: Different perspectives on the Edge-Cloud continuum  
Moderation John Soldatos, Netsoft-Intrasoft
COGNIFOG, Selma Azaiez, COGNIFOG Coordinator, CEA France
COGNIT, Paul Townend, Scientific Coordinator, Associate Professor, Umeå University, Sweden
CODECO, Rute C. Sofia, CODECO Coordinator, fortiss, Germany
17:00-17:25Engagement Actions in CODECO
The Eclipse CODECO GitLab, David Remon, Eclipse Foundation, Germany
CODECO Experimentation Access, Lefteris Mamatas, ATHINA, Greece
The CODECO Research and Innovation Engagement Programme, Vitor Vieira, INOVA MAIS, Portugal
17:25:17:30Closure session, Rute C. Sofia,

Organizing Committee

Rute C Sofia (Chair), fortiss, Germany
Vitor Vieira, INOVA, Portugal
Josep MARTRAT, ATOS, Spain
Vasileios THEODOROU, Intracom-Telecom, Greece
Vassilis Tsaoussidis, ATHINA, Greece
Xiaoming Fu, University of Göttingen, Germany
Harald Müller, Siemens, Germany
John Soldatos,Netcompany-Intrasoft, Luxembourg 
Marco Jahn, Eclipse Foundation, Germany
Rizkallah Touma, I2CAT, Spain
Dimosthenis KYRIAZIS, University of Pireus Research Center, Greece
 Diego LOPEZ, Telefonica, Spain
 David JIMÉNEZ, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
 Andries STAM, Almende
Josh Salomon, RedHat
Luis Erice-Garcia, IBM