P4: Demand-side Management in Decentralized Grids

In the Energy sector CODECO will be applied in two use-cases to improve the overall energy consumption of the user

Lead: Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

Collective Demand Side Management in Decentralized Grids and proposes to address an improved energy management across buildings, by having CODECO supporting a decentralized, interoperable energy management design. The use-case is led by Universidad Politecnica de Madrid and will be deployed on a campus involving several buildings.

P6: Automated Crownstone Application Deployment for Smart Buildings

Lead: Almende

The second Energy use-case focuses on the smart deployment and management of power monitoring Crownstone devices in buildings. The aim is to reduce the need for setup and reconfiguration of meshes of devices in buildings. CODECO supports the automated setup and replication required to quickly integrate Crownstone meshes in building energy management. The use-case is supported by ALMENDE in the Netherlands.